Who is driving the bus?



When I talk about the benefits of personal development and giving yourself time and space to think, I often refer to the bus journey.

Before you get too bemused let me explain.

In the busy lives that most of us lead we can feel like we are constantly fire-fighting or reacting to external events. This week you may have optimistically planned to….. organise your finances/re-write your CV/ sort out your clutter – and then life happens and you find your time and energy has been redirected (and sapped) by ‘circumstances beyond your control’. Worse still, you may not even have set yourself any such goals because you predict (rightly or wrongly) that you will be stopped in your tracks – you’ve given up control even before you started.

And this is where being the driver of your own bus comes in. Of course life still happens – there will always be the potholes, the diversions, the low bridges – but at least you are the one behind the wheel taking the action and deciding the direction.

So how can you do this:

  1. You can recognise what you want and what’s the best direction for you. Simply giving yourself permission to do this can be the first BIG step to making it happen.
  2. You can appreciate what you’ve got going for you – that you are resilient, determined and resourceful, for instance. That you have achieved plenty of stuff and that you can do this (whatever ‘this’ is) in the future
  3. You can be confident in your relationships with other people. Oddly it can be the people who are close to us who seem to get in our way. Maybe you are trying too hard to please them or you spend to much time looking after them or you rely too much on what they think is best for you.
  4. And you can acknowledge that there will be setbacks and challenges on the way – so that you can cut yourself some slack when things don’t go exactly to plan and bounce back!

and you can get yourself some great support along the way – look out for people who are energy givers, people who want to help you expand and achieve.

Coming Soon: new workshop Spring into Coaching  27th February 2016 


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