Natter and chatter – it’s good for you

 The days of the old boys network are over …..


or so it would seem if you look at the rise of women’s networks – both actual and virtual. These days it seems that the Mumsnet model (asking for and giving advice, tips and just plain support/encouragement) seems to be sprouting up all over the place.

It’s true that women have always networked – though most of us wouldn’t call it that. You know the sort of thing – swapping nuggets of info at the school gate, looking after a bereaved friend or passing on the news of a job on offer at our place of work.

And mostly we’ve done it informally and without making a song and dance out of it

In fact, some people are still reluctant to join in the networking trend – thinking it’s a bit awkward or grasping

But like they say at Springboard (the fab Women’s Development Programme) it’s time to view it differently and see networking as a way to:

  • support yourself and other women – confidence boosts all around!
  • share problems and information – find solutions and answers
  • have a 2 way exchange – you help others and they help you
  • find new ideas and resources
  • move forward professionally and personally 

So maybe you could think about starting a network, even if it starts small and grows organically. Or you could look at some of the networks in your organisation or outside (see Athena, Mumpreneurs, Fabulous-Women and many more)

And if you have started or are about to start a women’s network let me know and we’ll publicise your meetings.

Further reading:

Springboard Women’s Development Workbook

Confident Networking                                                by G & S Lindenfield

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