Fresh Steps

Who is it designed for ?
Fresh Steps is for anyone at work who is wants to reassess where they are in their lives and work, review their priorities, explore new possibilities and set new goals.

For employers who understand the trends in demographics, legislation and employment, and who want to access the untapped potential and intellectual capital in their staff.

What does the programme consist of?
Delivered over six weeks, Fresh Steps consists of five simple, yet powerful, ingredients:
• a two-day workshop followed by a one-day workshop
• a wide-ranging information gathering project in between the workshops, specifically tailored to each individual’s requirements
• a comprehensive and stylishly produced folder of course materials
• an especially recorded CD
• peer group support and networking

The programme covers:
successfully dealing with change
identifying what you want from work
reassessing changing values
inter-generational working
setting goals
your health issues
the importance of exercise and relaxation
recognising success
relationships with other people
clearing whatever is holding you back
gathering information
relaunching yourself
presenting your experience positively
turning your goals into reality
What can I expect to gain from the programme?
Results from the programme vary from person to person as everyone sets their own aims and objectives. Some people concentrate on moving onwards in their careers, whilst others prefer to focus on their quality of life outside work. Most have their own unique blend of both personal and work objectives.

Participants walk away from Fresh Steps with a new spring in their step, open to new challenges and with a renewed sense of optimism and purpose.

Employers are delighted with participants’ renewed enthusiasm and engagement in their work, coupled with a ‘can do’ attitude to life.