Stuck in the Mud?



It’s a cold February morning, the news is less than inspiring and I have a work decision to make………………..   The questions that spring to mind are ‘why do I feel stuck?’ ‘why can’t I make this decision?’ ‘why do I always do this?’ ‘why am I being so hopeless?’

The truth is that we make it more difficult to move forward when we ask ourselves questions that keep us stuck. Sometimes it can be useful to delve into the ‘why’ questions – to understand yourself and your motivations better. But not always…

When you need that boost or lift to make something happen or to feel good, it’s much better to ask yourself questions that will move you forward and shake the mud off your boots.

So how about asking yourself these type of questions …..

What can I do right now that will make me feel good?

in this instance it could be that feeling good means………..**making progress on a task (so get on with it!)  or  ** taking a break to have a cuppa or talk to a colleague/friend   or   ** patting yourself on the back for what you’ve done so far

What’s stopping me moving forward/making a decision?

maybe it’s fear – of failure, of looking stupid, of getting it wrong? There are so many versions of fear – usually wrapped up in procrastination (‘maybe I’ll put it off until tomorrow/next week/next year’) or excuses/blame (‘I would if only…..’).  Face the fear and make a step – even a tiny baby step starts the journey of moving forward

What will I gain from moving forward … and what will I lose from staying stuck?

using these 2 questions can help you see clearly the pros and cons. Too often we torture ourselves with what we should be doing without thinking it through. Think about the waste of time and energy – and use this process to give your motivation a boost

As a coach, these are the type of questions I would be asking you – and that’s why people feel fired up after a coaching session.

But on a day to day basis, you can be your own coach – you can launch yourself into action and move forward. Taking time to ask yourself powerful questions can make all the difference.

Spring Into Coaching Workshop   27th February 2016  Earley, Reading

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