Springboard Womens Development Programme



Participants on one of Chris Cross’ Springboard programmes


This is an award winning and highly successful programme running in 43 countries. It is an in-depth course designed to:

  • Increase confidence and self awareness
  • Help you make decisions and be more focused
  • Find solutions and develop a ‘can-do’ approach
  • Improve your image and profile
  • Develop your networks and get lasting support

Employers who sponsor Springboard Programmes will testify:

This high impact programme is great value for money

Springboard improves morale and job commitment

Women are encouraged, motivated and inspired

Diversity strategies fit perfectly with the programme



Springboard participants receiving their certificates after completing the programme


Women participants who experience Springboard will tell you it changes lives:

Practically – they become more organised, confident and focused. They apply for promotion, get more out of their working day and achieve more balance in work/life

Profoundly – they recognise what’s important in their lives. They realise their strengths, qualities and potential.

And the benefits of Springboard ripple out further to colleagues, friends and families.